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Non-woven wheel switch Sanding with mandral



RTS wheels use cloth combined with abrasive nonwoven material and
belong to the range of special GRIT products for industry. The particular
structure of these wheels guarantees a wide range of applications. The
combination of cloth and nw material, according to quantity, grain, type of
abrasive and hardness, makes this kind of wheel suitable for both
roughing and finishing. They also have the advantage of being longwearing :
the cloth is more resistant than abrasive nw material and
increases its durability and, vice-versa, the abrasive nw material works as an absorber and
reduces friction against the work-piece. The cloth/nw ratio can be adjusted according to need :
for more softness; more stiffness; more cut but less uniformity; more uniformity, but not as
deep a cut (deburring will therefore last longer)  ; a soft, yet more aggressive cut; a less
aggressive, yet stiffer cut; etc. After years of experience, GRIT can confidently recommend the
best combination of cloth and fibre for the operation to be carried out.
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